Thursday, August 19, 2010

Faith and Fishballs

Can anyone understand the concept of a couple not going to church together?

In fairness, Voltaire tried to join his wife when she found her god in a Christian church. He even enjoyed the initial experience, feeling closer to his Maker. Especially in the first half of the service devoted to singing Him praise.Amazing Grace was, and still is,  a favorite.

Until one Sunday, the pastor started badmouthing Voltaire's and his parents faith. He and his parents, his brothers and his only sister - -  the entire family grew up as Roman Catholics.  Offended, he sought permission from his wife for him to skip the rest of the sermon. And found himself eating fishballs on barbecue sticks outside the church premises. There were at least two ambulant vendors, their carts just on the edges of the huge parking lot facing the building. That became pretty much the routine - - - singing praise, and fishballs. Eventually Voltaire skipped the routine altogether.

Meanwhile, his wife became more deeply involved. And soon enough enrolled in Bible school. She always does well in anything she sinks her teeth into and her mentors thought she could help spread the word better if she became a leader. Now, she delivers talks about how great God is, and never gets tired trying to convert non-believers.

Voltaire does not find this strange, and even discusses the matter with her. He is supportive of her chosen path. Because he sees her happy doing so. And he doesn't have to have fishballs every Sunday.

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