Thursday, August 19, 2010


Isabella is the biggest blessing to the couple, completing the family.

Talut doted on Isabella. She was a princess. She would have everything money could buy. She will have everything she wanted to have, do anything she wanted to do. Her crib was special. her walker was special. She was nursed with her bottle of milk on her mouth while watching cartoons she enjoyed. She was in front of the television most of her waking hours. 

Voltaire had to throw the feeding bottle away, even while daughter and wife were protesting.  He thought it was insane for a girl to be bottle-fed at 7 years old. And Talut always gave in to what Isabella wanted. Voltaire would have none of this nonsense. Soon enough, she had to learn to eat, albeit slowly, and with great difficulty. Better than trying to wean her away from the bottle when she gets to college.

The couple wanted her to grow up one fine young lady. So she was going to be equipped. She took piano lessons, violins, and dance. Oh, how nervous she was on her violin recital. But parents were nervous-er.

Isabella took after her mom. She said she wanted to be a businesswoman when she grows up, like her. Unlike dad who went to the office all his life until he retired. 

On her high school graduation, her parents were more excited than she was. And they both went up the stage when she was given an award. Like most students, she and her best friends decided to stick it out together in college, and decided to take up Law. Her school is famous for producing top notch barristers. But seems to enjoy being in a band more. She plays the guitar and drums. In the new house her parents are building, a home theater has been fitted with a stage so her drum set would have its official station in the house. And her friends can watch them perform for them, too. Can anyone imagine a guitar player with a bottle of milk on her mouth?

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