Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grade School

The school was named after the great plebeian. His parents went up the stage every graduation day to pin medals to him as the consistent First Honor student, Model Student, Boy Scout of the Year, etc etc.

One time, he was going up the stage the next day for such honors. But he didn't have anything new or "stage-worthy" to wear. Hearing this, his dad's friend Mang Albert pulled out his wallet and gave a few hundred pesos to buy "barong" material. Mom rushed to the market. A friend's mom made the barong. The next day, Voltaire was up the stage for the nth time, reaping honors and medals. 

His favorite teacher was his Grade 4 teacher, Miss Rosalinda Victoriano. When she married, Voltaire was her only student invited to the wedding. She became Mrs. Rosalinda Victoriano-Carrera.

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