Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miss Santos

Miss Santos was a reliever-teacher. She was young, petite, and very beautiful. And she was very nice. You could really fall in love with her.

On weekends, Voltaire and Rodolfo and the other members of the dance troupe would be in school practising. One day, Miss Santos brought with her one who seemed like her niece. Her name was Marilou, and she was a beauty. The boys fell for her. One day, I saw both Voltaire and Rodolfo with the name Marilou tattoed on their arms, using ballpen ink.

Miss Santos came and was quickly gone. Voltaire would not let the memories be lost forever. One day, many years after, he went to the address of Miss Santos which he kept in his memory. Until one day, she was gone, having moved to Europe. Sad.

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