Thursday, August 19, 2010


That is how her nieces and nephews call Voltaire's wife. Short for Tita Luchie.

Luchie is the youngest daughter of Policeman Nemesio and wife Minda. She grew up in the neighborhood where actor Edgar Mortiz lived. Near where probably 80% of all lechons in Metro Manila come from. Their house was also a convenient stop when Voltaire's uncle who lived in Guam decided to go to the Cementerio del Norte one Todos los Santos

The couple met in an industry function. Both of them worked in the same industry, doing essentially the same type of work.

Talut left work way before normal retirement, unable to hack office intrigues. Her decision, on hindsight, was inspired. Doing work from home, with herself as her own boss, she earned in one month what she would earn as a media buyer in one year. And there was no stopping her. She ventured into her own line of beauty products using a toll packer and engaging an exclusive distributor. No factory, no warehouse. Neat. And she can do all these while wearing dusters at home, sans make up. Trading is her latest experiment in business, using still another novel business model - - nephews and nieces are her suppliers who bring the products direct to the clients. She finances the purchase of items at a pre-determined cost per unit, and her nieces and nephews earn the difference between their own suppliers' price and the cost specified by their Tita Luchie. As they say, "everybody happy".

She now lives the life she wants to live. Attending to her business from the comforts of their home. Meeting friends for coffee, ensaymada, lunch or dinner when they feel like meeting up. Going to Bible school. Attending the Sunday service. Stress free, and feeling good about herself serving the Lord. 

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